Online Games: Six-Year Child Reportedly Spends Over ₦6 Million In The Apple App Store

A six-year-old child has reportedly amassed more than $16,000 (approx. ₦6 million) in charges at the Apple App Store while playing games. According to the information, the boy, identified as George Johnson spent the money during this past summer on in-app purchases while playing his favourite game, ‘Sonic Force.’ Johnson’s Mum, a real-estate broker who resides … Read more

3 Things You Must Do To Succeed As A Fashion Retailer In Nigeria

One of the easiest ways of making money now is by becoming a fashion retailer in Nigeria. The business is very interesting, and even becomes much more interesting when you’re making progresses The biggest fears of any trader, whether the multi-millionaire large scale whole-sellers or the retailers occupying the regular markets is not selling their … Read more

3 Amazing Success Tips That Will Help You Run Your Business In Nigeria

Running a business in Nigeria, whether online or offline comes with a lot of requirements, and you must fight all odds to be successful. Everything, from the petrol prices to unpredictable spikes in price rates and even to the high cost of internet and irregular electricity, everything seems to be against us. You can however … Read more