How To Start A Cosmetics Business In Nigeria

Cosmetics business is one of the most lucrative businesses to venture into in Nigeria. While some people, especially our brothers can go for days without using cream, we all use soaps on daily basis. We all want to look good, that’s why you’d see cosmetic businesses booming even in times of recessions. In fact, the … Read more

Top 12 Most Lucrative Businesses To Do In Nigeria With Little Capital

There are so many businesses to do in Nigeria as a start-up. Many of them need very heavy capital to begin, while the rest don’t. For instance, you might want to go into a film production business. Something like that will come with a lot of commitments, especially financially. You will invest in a good … Read more

5 Easiest Tips On How To Make Money From Comedy Skits In Nigeria

Thanks to the internet, it is very possible to make money from comedy skits in Nigeria nowadays. You no longer need to go around from shows to clubs entertaining people before you can make money from your talent as a comedian. There are so many people who create really good contents, but are not cashing … Read more

7+ Killer Ways To Make Money From TikTok Without Spending A Dime

Before creating and growing your own account, is it possible to make money from TikTok as a Nigerian? This is one of the things you need to know, not just hopping on camera and making some funny videos (that’s amazing although!). I mean, if we catch fun, why can’t we catch money too? (that had … Read more