Where To Buy Palm Oil Cheap in Nigeria

In this article, we’d be seeing a comprehensive list of the places where you can buy palm oil cheap in Nigeria. Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarp (reddish pulp) of the fruit of the oil palms. The oil is used in food manufacturing, beauty products, and as biofuel. According to … Read more

How To Get OPay POS: What You Need To Know

OPay is a Nigerian startup company established by a Chinese firm that also owns the Operamini browser. Since its inception in Nigeria, OPay has been one of the most popular payment processors in the country to this day.It is a fintech firm that facilitates mobile payments such as sending and receiving money, but you also … Read more

Russian-Ukraine Conflict: BP Drops 19.75% Stake In Russian-Owned Oil Firm After Invasion Of Ukraine

British Petroleum would be exiting its 19.75% ownership of  Rosneft, a Russian state-owned oil firm. The company made the announcement on Sunday, citing the country’s attack on Ukraine, with BP’s CEO Bernard Looney resigning from Rosneft’s board.  “Russia’s attack on Ukraine is an act of aggression which is having tragic consequences across the region,” BP … Read more

How To Start Vegetable Farming In Nigeria (The Beginner’s Guide)

Vegetable farming has grown to become a major source of income for Nigerians and other nationals. You can start it in different capacities:- – Cultivating and reselling to wholesalers and retailers– Buying from farmers and selling to retailers– Purchasing from retailers to sell to final consumers Now, the last two are not directly farmers, but … Read more

Multimillionaire Guide To Cassava Flour Production In Nigeria

Cassava flour is one of the raw materials that are currently in high demand in Nigeria. According to reports, there is an annual national demand for High Quality Cassava Flour {HQCF} estimated to be 750,000 tonnes, while the national supply estimate is just about 50,000 tonnes. This means that the products are being heavily undersupplied, … Read more