26+ Easiest Tips On How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

26+ Easiest Tips On How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

A lot of people have been asking me questions on how to make money online in Nigeria legitimately.
To begin with, there are a lot of tutorials on how to make money online in Nigeria, and while some stop working on a daily, many more methods gradually slide into the scene.

The best way to make money is by being consistent with what you are doing, and of course, focused.

You can’t be into a full time blogging career and at the same time, and at the same time be a successful freelance writer.
No, those articles you write for your clients, publish them on your own platform and watch the money flowing in.

There a lot of legitimate ways of making money online, and we’d be seeing them.

How To Make Money Online As A Beginner In Nigeria

Making money as a beginner in Nigeria is very easy, and of course interesting.

There are two major ways of earning a couple bucks for yourself online:-

  • Investing your time
  • Investing your money

Using blogging as an example, in the first, you might be a fresh blogger, and not yet having enough funds to carry you through the business.

You take your time to publish posts, share, build backlinks and do every other things you think you can do to get readers to the article.

It is not the best, and your profit to an extent are limited. We all started that way, so it is fine to begin by investing your time, and you will soon slide past the stage.

The second is investing your money. This is the best, and I advise anyone who wants to build an internet career to invest their money into building their blog.
Let’s assume you have enough money to invest in your blog, you can pay people on Fiverr to write very beautiful articles for you, then you budget a little on improving the SEO and of course, running paid ads.

All you need to do is sit back and watch revenue grow for the business, while you take your time to work on other things.
You can also use the same strategies for your affiliate marketing, information marketing and sales of products and services.

Basically, the best internet marketers use their money to make more money, and you should learn how to automate things.
Now, some of the best ways of making money as a beginner include:-

  • Blogging

Blogging simply put is the owning and updating of a blog, but earning from your blog is far more than that.

It has to do with taking it as a full time job, and not a hobby as most self-acclaimed blogging gurus will tell you.

In taking it as a business, you are sure that to get returns, you must do some investments, and it could either be in cash or in kind (flash back to the top of this section).

There are so many ways to make money from your blog, and some of them include ad networks, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, information marketing and e-commerce.

In case you want to learn how I grew my blog from ₦0 per month to over ₦200,000 per month, you can visit this page.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing simply put is a situation where you refer buyers to a seller, and make commissions from successful sales generated.

Take for instance, I sell ebooks on my website, and you have an audience you feel would be interested in the some of my products, you can refer them to me and make a commission on sales you generate.

I will be able to track the sells you generate for me via either a unique link, or a coupon code that you will give to your users.

There are hundreds of affiliate marketing opportunities on the internet, and some of them include the Konga Affiliate Program, the Jumia Affiliate Program, the Whogohost Affiliate Program, the Jvzoo Affiliate Program and many others.

I put down over 50 well paying affiliate programs in my ebook, The Millionaire Next Door and you can check it out.

  • Digital Marketing

I have earlier published a post on 4 easiest ways to sell your digital products in Nigeria, and you can refer to that to learn more on digital marketing.

Simply put, digital marketing is the selling of things online, especially digital products (ebooks, podcasts, videos, software and more).
It is one of the hottest ways of making money online in Nigeria, and my favourite because it gives me the full freedom that comes with the dot com lifestyle.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning to see that a few copies of my ebooks have been sold, and delivered to the purchasers automatically.

  • E-commerce

If you are really looking for how to make money online in Nigeria, then this isn’t something you can mess with.

E-commerce mainly has to do with selling of physical products online, such as shoes, bags, phones, computers and accessories, books and so on.

You can check out this article on how to sell your products on Jumia, and you can sell your products on other platforms including Konga, Aliexpress and others.

It is even best if you build your own e-commerce website to sell your things, and you can have total control over everything on it including reviews and public feedback.

  • Offering Of Services

As I have always said, anything you can do online can fetch you money. If you can do graphics designing, create logos, make cartoon videos (you can learn how to create cartoons on your android HERE), and any other things, you can monetise them online.

I have a friend who makes more than $200 weekly creating logos for brands, and he uses his mobile phone for all of them.

Of course, you need to invest in premium software if you must stand out in your services, as most free ones come with limitations and at times, watermark.

  • Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another huge way of making money online. Most clients I worked for as a freelance writer were paying me $5 per 500 words, and some paid more.

I once got a writing contract where I was earning $20 for each article I got published on listed websites, and their was more than a hundred of them. I successfully got the articles on 14 websites, and was paid via PayPal.

In fact, there is a website that will pay you straight $100 for any article you publish on their website, and hundreds of Facebook groups you can join to start earning as a freelance writer.

  • Graphics Designing

If you are a good graphics designer, you can sign up on any of these 10 job boards to start getting gigs and clients for your services.

A good graphics design can cost the client anything from $10 to a few hundred dollars and even more, and there are a lot of android and PC apps you can use to do that.

In fact, Canva is a very nice software for creation of graphics designs, and you can even use it to make videos online.

  • Voice Overs

If you have a very nice voice, you can sign up on Fiverr, Freelancer.com and other job boards to start making money for yourself.

I read that some voice over artists get paid up to $20 for a 10 minutes audio, and that’s cool especially if you can get up to 5 of such jobs a day.

In a country like Nigeria, $100 a day is enough to keep you at the top of your game.

  • Social Media

I have head a lot of people ask me for whether it is possible to make money from the social media, and my answers has always been, YES!

Now, we already know that Mark Zukerberg makes a lot of money from your contents on his platform, and it’s same with the owner of Twitter. Google and Opera News are even better because they have very awesome way of rewarding their users.

Now, you can make money from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media through a lot of ways including e-commerce, affiliate marketing, information marketing, sponsored posts and giving of shoutouts.

  • Website Flipping

You can build websites for the purpose of reselling them, and make good money for yourself.

Take for instance, you purchase a ₦4,000 domain name and a ₦9,000 hosting plan from Whogohost or Bluehost, then build a blog, publish contents and work on it till it starts getting 10,000 daily page views.

With hardwork and the best strategies, it will take you nothing more than 2 months to achieve the results, and you can sell the blog for ₦200,000.

That means you made a profit of ₦187,000.

Aside blogs, you can also make money building and flipping e-commerce websites, business listing websites and more.

  • Domain Flipping

Aside websites, you can purchase domain names for the purpose of reselling them, and it is called domain flipping.

Take for instance, I got a domain name, know.com.ng and we all know that it is pretty nice.

I might use it for two years, and then place it on a domain flipping website to resell to someone at a higher price.

Some of the most expensive domain names ever bought were Business.com ($345 million), LasVegas.com ($90 million),  CarInsurance.com ($49.7 million), Insurance.com ($35.6 million), VacationRentals.com ($35 million), PrivateJet.com ($30.1 million), Voice.com ($30 million), Internet.com ($18 million), 360.com ($17 million) and Insure.com ($16 million).

  • Website Testing

You can sign up on websites like Enroll App and User Testing so you can get paid to test websites and of  course, give reviews. These schemes are sponsored by website owners who want to know what users feel about their websites, especially in things like ease of usage, mobile responsibility, geographical accessibility and more.

They pay an average of $20 per hour, and there are certain criteria you must reach to be able to test the websites.

  • App Testing

PC and mobile app developers are sometimes stuck in the backend that they want real users to tell them what their software look like.

The pay are usually nothing less than $10, and one of such websites you can sign up for is User Testing.

You can test any kind of apps, depending on your device though Windows and Android software are among the hottest in demand due to their number of users.

  • Selling Of Photos

If you own a good camera, you can take photos to sell on stock image websites like Shutterstock.

You can make anything around $1 per photo, and you can sell your photos across different platforms including Instagram.

When you want to sell on Instagram, make sure to watermark the images and then drop a link to how to purchase the original image.

Nigerians have a huge advantage in this because we don’t really have that much photographers, and getting good photos of different locations, persons and events are difficult and people would be willing to pay.

  • Typing Jobs

This is another huge market with tons of scammers in it, and I will strongly advice you to avoid paying for a typing job, no matter how attractive it looks.

These scammers are so good and can make their schemes look so filled with potentials that you won’t know when you will enter your credit card details and click on order.

For your safety, it will be best to find offers on Fiverr or any other similar platforms.

  • Making Of Videos

Some clients will be willing to pay you heavily to make advertisement and promotional videos for them. You can also be paid to make other ones like tutorial videos, etc, but the promotional videos are the highest in demand.

Now, let’s say that I recently launched a product teaching people some stuff, I might need to hire six people to make videos talking about how my tutorial videos changed their lives.

You get the logic? When people see that, they will be pushed to check it out, and that is the final aim.

  • Creation Of Software

If you are a programmer, you will know how lucrative creating of apps are. If you are yet to start, you can purchase courses on that from Udemy or any other similar website and start the career.

You can charge a thousand dollars for an app, and most people will pay you to work on both their Android and iOS applications together.

  • Google Admob

After creating your apps, you can upload it to Google Playstore for $25 and then make money from displaying Google ads on it.

Depending on the location of your app users, you can be making as much as $100 a month, and Google pays at the 21st of every month.

To get started, launch your app and visit Admob.com.

  • Building Of Websites

You can make money from creating of websites and blogs for people. An average hosting and domain name would cost you ₦13,000, and you can charge ₦35,000 for websites.

At the end, you will be making a gain of ₦22,000 for each website you create.

Sounds interesting right? Now it’s time to learn how to create WordPress blogs and websites.

Remember that it is not so easy to work on, and sometimes you will have to use premium templates to make sure your clients get the best.

  • Job Boards

If you can create logos, promote pages, create and redesign websites, design LinkedIn pages, build professional cover photos and any other things, then it’s time to start work.

You can sign up on Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer.com and over a hundred other job boards to start making money for yourself.

After getting scammed by iProo.net, I will advice you never to sign up for any website that will require you to pay at the beginning, rather stick to the ones that take a percentage of your earnings.

  • Social Media Manager

If you are a good writer, and can be able to engage and grow businesses’ social media handles, then they will be able to hire you.

Most business owners rarely have time for themselves, not to talk about tweeting trends or running Facebook ads.

You can be making ₦40,000 a week depending on the brand you are working with.

  • Take Surveys And Win Cash Prices

There are many survey websites that can pay you very well to answer questions on different topics.

You can be asked things like your choice in two beverage brands, mobile network you use, how large your family is and more.

Don’t worry, most of them do not share share any personal information concerning the contributors.

My major problem with most survey sites is that they do not normally accept Nigerian contributors, and using a VPN to access them will cost you your account and of course, accumulated earnings if they detect.

Nevertheless, there tons of other Nigerian based survey websites that pay, though not as well as they US, UK and Canadian ones.

  • Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a kind of internet marketing where you sell what you do not have. Once your customer places an order, you go to your source, place the same order and put in the customer’s address.

You will increase the price to suit your profit, and you do not bear any headache on your side.

I have published an article on how you can make your first $200 as a beginner in dropshipping, and I suggest you check it out.

  • Write For Other People’s Websites

There are so many Nigerian websites that will pay you very well to write and develop video contents for them.

You do not need a degree or any other certificates to apply, and I think it makes the system more difficult, because you must actually be a good writer to be able to get accepted to them.

I have gotten lots of people sending me emails that they want to write for my websites, and yet they do not have the patience to compose an official email.

They send stuff like;

Hello sir,

My name is bla bla bla, and I am interested in writing for you.

I can write on entertainment, news, politics and more.

Kindly get back to me.


Lmao! What am I expected to do with that?

Trust me, I send them direct to the thrash.

It is business, and should be kept as business. Write the email as you would do if you were applying for an Aljazeera or BBC job, and trust me, you increase your chances of getting accepted.

  • Creation Of Designs

You can make good money from the creation of designs. Such designs as tshits designs, cups and plate paintings and so on.

One of such websites that you can sign up for is Teespring, and you can create tshirt designs, set your price and start selling.

Once you get an order, they will produce and deliver to the customer, and you are credited your own percentage.

  • Product Reviews

If you have an active Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even Pinterest handle, you can sign up for Izea to start getting opportunities to review products for some remuneration.

It could be for cash, gift cards or even free products. Anything it will turn out to be, it is of course worth is since you are almost doing nothing.

Another website that offers similar services is Valued Voice, and you can read their review on our blog.

  • Teaching Online

If you have access to good internet, a webcam and of course, a microphone, you can start an online teaching career on Teach Away and other platforms.

Please note that you might be needed to provide some proofs of your educational qualifications before you can proceed with the tutoring.

  • Writing Of Literature

You can make good money from writing of literature if you are really good in it, and I have published a list of 12 websites that will pay you more than $500 per accepted submission.

The terms and conditions vary with the website, but you can write and submit anything starting from poems, fictions and even non-fictions.

  • Becoming A Virtual Assistant

You can also become a virtual assistant if you are a good marketer, and you should be very sharp, since you will be attending to online queries.

Interested in this? Visit Fiverr, sign up and create your gigs.

Whatever it will take to make money online legitimate, you have to do it. Most times, especially while building a career like a blog, focus on your start-up, and make sure to be consistent.
Thanks a lot for reading along.

What do you think? Kindly drop us a comment and don’t forget to share to your friends.

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